SHEMROCK Kidlets, a new member to the family of SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD Group of Schools, is a preschool with its focus on improving the intellectual, spiritual, emotional & social development of the children. It is a school which stresses on reforming & modernising early childhood education through modern concepts of playful learning.

SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD Group of Schools, the first playschool chain in the country, since their beginning in 1989, have proved their mettle in making learning interesting, engaging & motivating for children. Efficiently run by the country’s renowned educationists, the Arora clan, SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD Group of Schools has set a benchmark in the field of education.

We welcome you to SHEMROCK Kidlets, the second home of our SHEMROCKites, to work in harmony for a magnificent future for our children.


Children between the age group of 2 to 3.5 years are enrolled in Grade ShemFoundation. Our basic philosophy focuses on the satisfaction of the children’s inquisitive minds through concept clarity.


SHEMROCK KIDLETS is designed to ensure an inviting, attractive and child-friendly environment for all our SHEMROCKites.


At SHEMROCK KIDLETS , we celebrate most national & regional festivals, special days and other occasions that are memorable and cherished by our Children, Parents and Teachers forever.


Since Shreshtha has joined the school, she has become aware of many new things around her. She has grasped various concepts taught by your teachers.

Mrs. Divya, M/o Shreshtha Chugh

We are very happy the way Khushi is performing in the school. Thanks to SHEMROCK teachers and supporting members for their effort

Mrs. Malini Gulati, M/o Khushi Gulati

My child has adjusted well in SHEMROCK. Her school has given her lot of confidence as my child is able to express her feelings fluently.

Mr. Sushil Arora, F/o Niyati Arora