SHEMROCK Kidlets offer hands-on experience through a number of facilities for the growth & development of its SHEMROCKites. Such amenities help the children in getting ready for a bright future.

Some such features include:
  • Welcome Room – to settle the new Joinees
  • Ultra-modern Interactive Classrooms – to let the child sit, interact, learn & share
  • Activity Centre – to explain concepts in a play-way method
  • Resource Centre – to provide audio-visual tools for joyful learning
  • Computer / Robotic Room – to facilitate computer-aided learning resources
  • Music & Dance Room – to develop the child’s musical and rhythmic talent
  • Theatre Room – to boost the child’s confidence through stage exposure
  • Child’s Creative Corner – to enhance the child’s imaginative & creative skills
  • Celebration Room – to celebrate Birthdays, Festivals and other events
  • Ball Pool – to encourage the child to play with friends and learn to share & care
  • Indoor Play Area – to allow the child to play with interactive games & toys
  • Outdoor Play Area – to let the child enjoy the various swings & slides